3. Written In Dead Wax, by Andrew Cartmel

He is the Vinyl Detective. He can find you any record. And in this jolly jape he is hired to find a rare jazz LP on an obscure 1950s label. Of course there are dangerous women, and guns, and comical sidekicks.

I listened to most of this book over the space of 3 days in bed with a heavy cold. It’s good fun, and I’m sure there’s a tv series in it: does anyone remember The Beiderbecke Affair? What is interesting in this book is that when the original assignment is finished, the book is only half way through. The second half moves on from becoming about the one LP to the entire catalogue of 14 albums issued on the label, resolving mysteries of very dodgy dealings in the world of 1950s LA jazz.

I loved the strong female character, introduced as ‘N. Warren’. Maybe a little implausible, but great fun nevertheless. I shall come back to the Vinyl Detective series.

8 out of 10

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