7. When All Is Said, by Anne Griffin

What a fabulous book!

I heard the author on Graham Norton’s radio show, and that sold this book to me.

Maurice Hannigan is 84. A widower, he is alone, his son living in the USA. He is in the bar of his local hotel, where he drinks 5 last toasts, to 5 people who have been special to him: his older brother who died when a young man, very many years ago, his stillborn daughter, his sister-in-law, his son and his recently departed wife.

Through the stories of his relationships with these 5 people we hear about Maurice’s life, told with real compassion.  He has had a good life, but hasn’t always known how to show his feelings. I don’t want to give much away, but we also hear about the major events in Maurice’s life, and about Maurice’s part in shaping events that affected the lives of members of another family in this small town in Meath, Ireland.

I really enjoyed it. I listened to the audiobook. The narration was excellent, holding me for every minute.

A well-deserved 10 out of 10.

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