Half-way through the year – a quick review

6 months into this blog, half way through the year, it is a good time for a little round up.

When I started, I thought that maybe I read/listen to 20 books a year. At the half-way point I have completed 18 books, and am mid way through two more.

The books I have read/listened to are probably typical of my reading/listening.

14 have been given ratings of 7/10 or higher, and only 4 are rated 5 or below.  The most frequent mark is 8/10, and there is only one book that I saw no point in persevering with.

The two most challenging books, Underworld and Don Quixote I listened to as audiobooks. As I said in writing about Don Quixote, “one of the great things about audiobooks is that I can listen to long descriptive passages, paying attention and often appreciating the writing, whereas with a book in my hand I would have raced through to the next bit of ‘action’.”  I find it a lot easier nowadays to listen to the classics as audiobooks than to read them.

In a similar way, some years ago I struggled reading the long slow first part of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, but listening to the audiobook I made it all the way through, and found it very rewarding.

I suspect that there is a lot about the modern way of life that shortens the attention span.

your thoughts ...

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