5. Exit Day, by David Laws

Well this was pretty rubbish. A lightweight thriller built around Brexit. Thankfully only 99p on kindle – £1 would have been too much.

For some reason I decided I had to read it before March 29. Well, I won’t be getting those few hours of my life back.

The characters lack credibility. Every last one of them. The hero gets around the country on an old motorbike (yes, that is possible) and in an old biplane – he forgets to check the fuel before taking off. The plot is implausible.

One thing that amused me was a particular senior politician going rogue and taking to twitter to express his fairly forthright views, to the despair of his advisers. Who could the author have had in mind?

The subtitle “an assassin stalks the prime Minister” tells you all you need to know.

2 out of 10. Just in case I read something worse.