15. Paper Towns, by John Green

At first I thought I was 40 years or so too old for this book. All the characters are American teenagers, about to graduate high school.

Quentin and Margo have known each others since they were very young. They live next door to each other. The story starts with their adventures one night, as Margo gets Quentin to help her in a series of revenge actions on various of their contemporaries.  So far, so very teenage.

Then Margo disappears. Quentin follows the clues she has left, and the story follows as with some help from his friends he works through them, reading Walt Whitman and Moby Dick on the way.  This was when I got into the story. I worked out the meaning of ‘paper towns’ before it was revealed.

Yes, this was a fun audiobook. 8 out of 10.