27. Self & I, by Matthew de Abaitua

In 1994, just out of a University creative writing course, the author spent 6 months living with and sort of working for the writer Will Self.  This book is partly about that time, written 20 or so years later.  The title is an obvious reference to Withnail & I.

The book is also partly about Will Self and his writing (I have never read any of his books, and Self & I does not encourage me to), and partly discourse about the state of the novel as a form of writing.

The author writes books (science fiction, apparently) and also teaches creative writing.  I felt it would be of greatest interest to students on those courses. It wasn’t really for me.

3 out of 10.

DISCLOSURE – I was given a free kindle copy by the editor, following a conversation on Twitter.  The only way that influenced me was that I felt I owed him the courtesy of reading this book through to the end.